Hello, I am Nicolas Clemeur and I am the author of RheoChart. After finishing my PhD Thesis at The University of Queensland, I wanted to keep in touch with the world of Rheology and particularly numerical simulation of viscoelastic models. Combining that with my passion for programming was even better. And voila, RheoChart was born.

RheoChart is currently a side project that keep my busy, in parallel with my day job at Daesim Technologies Pty Ltd. As such, don't expect a big supporting structure behind this product. Nevertheless, I am passionate about it and I am sure you'll find the more personal touch interesting (Please check this page page about all support options, including professional support).

Currently I am living and working in the Smart State (former nick name was Sunshine State, a much better name in my opinion) more precisely in Brisbane, Australia.

I hope you will find RheoChart useful and I would sincerely appreciate any feedback.


You can contact me using any of the following methods:
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  • » Use the support forum (no registration required).